How we work:

Existing Property Review

• Identification of each location owned/ managed by the client in order to understand how they fit into telecom jurisdictions, service provider territories, and services available
• Review existing agreements with service providers

Strategic Plan Development

• Engage service provider representatives to determine the specific services available and development of recommendations for each property
• Negotiate agreements that provide most favorable terms, including both short and long term incentives for our clients. These agreements may be national, regional or property specific depending on the service provider and services available or required.

Client Presentation and Discussion

• Presentation and explanation of recommendations, service provider terms, and revenue projections from each agreement
• Revision of strategic plan based on any specific concerns or issues

Implementation and Maintenance

• Insure timely delivery / execution of service provider agreements
• Monitor ongoing service availability and emerging technologies that may affect property desirability to current/future residents
• Actively participate in ongoing client/service provider discussions; including negotiation for added services, addition of units, and contract renewals

Value Created by Our Services

- We produce reduction in costs associated with negotiating and maintaining service provider agreements.

- A strategic plan developed specifically for their properties that:
- Provide services that are on par or exceeds industry standards.
- Create long term, contractually committed revenue streams through negotiation of incentives, revenue sharing and other revenue devices.
- Guidance from a team of experts that understand what is currently available from service providers and how to craft highly profitable agreements with these providers.

- Guidance on new services and new technologies in order to update agreements and plan for the future.

- Successful implementation of service provider agreements and ongoing monitoring / updating agreements.

New Development Project Assistance

As with existing properties, we work with the various telecom providers to develop a plan for each new project that includes the latest technology offerings and financially rewarding marketing agreements. We also request that the telecom providers assign a dedicated company representative to each project to work directly with the development team to assure timely delivery of services based on our clients’ construction timelines.


We believe in true partnership with our clients and work on an incentive based compensation structure. Typically, compensation for our services is based on predetermined and agreed upon percentages of initial and long term compensation paid to our clients by service providers, based on agreements we negotiate for you on your behalf. This ensures that our objectives are one with yours – your success is our success.

See what our clients are saying:

"Philip Manoucheri of Millennium Enterprises has been instrumental in delivering for our firm a substantial financial benefit through his negotiating the best marketing agreements, which in fact have given us much greater fees, & commissions than we were able to negotiate on our own. Here at Weiss Investment Group, Inc. we own & manage over 5000 Apt units spread out over 4 states which keep our schedules very busy. In a short amount of time Philip was able to deliver negotiated & executable agreements for, thus allowing myself & my staff to attend to our normal business functions. I can simply say that Millennium Enterprises delivered greater financial rewards than we had expected, & our staff as well our residences have gotten the best Telecommunication services possible." - Rochelle Handy, Vice-President
"Millennium Enterprises LLC, & Philip Manoucheri have gained our admiration since beginning their work of negotiating for out properties Cable Agreements which have added real financial value to our bottom line. RCMI had a diverse portfolio of over 7000 apartment units located in multiple states, this it has been a challenge to stay abreast of the telecom industry. Since involving Millennium Enterprises as our telecom consultants, our returns have significantly improved. Also they removed the trouble of managing the process, and the have done their work in a short amount of time. Millennium Enterprises has been exceptionally progressional and straight forward with adding value tour portfolio." - David Mercer, CEO

About Millennium Enterprises LLC

Millennium Enterprises, LLC is a consulting firm specializing in property income enhancement for property owners and management firms of multi-residential and commercial properties. Utilizing our longstanding relationships and industry knowledge, we work with providers such as telecommunications companies, utility providers, vending Pic1 companies, and banks to maximize income opportunities for our clients. We have successfully negotiate and maintain flexible, profitable agreements for our clients that improve and created new streams of income without the need for additional overhead and expenses. Because of our vast experience and contacts with local, regional, and national providers, we are able to efficiently manage the changing landscape of programs, commission structures, and competitive allowances available in the marketplace. By utilizing our services, our clients are able to give greater focus to their core activities; while we design and implement strategic plans for their ancillary services that increase revenue, reduce expenses, and enhance the value of their properties. In the last two years, we have negotiated agreements for our clients that generated over $10 million in up front revenue as well as future revenue share income for the life of these agreements.


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